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CIA offers studio spaces, resources and professional development for bold, experimental artists working in live arts.

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Closure of CIA studios

In 2008, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Art [CIA studios] was initiated as a project of tactical media arts company, pvi collective, with strategic investment from the Department of Culture and the Arts. CIA studios is located within an old school on the cusp of the city centre in West Perth. Its core function is to respond to the acute need among the experimental arts community for increases in development spaces for live practice. It is a research and development facility with the goal of supporting artists investigating the process of making, as opposed to being focused solely on the creation of an end product, and for this process not to happen in isolation, but for it to be informed, invigorated and challenged by other practitioners, thereby building a strong culture of conceptual criticality and peer support.

Over the last 8 years, many artists from a variety of disciplines have made CIA their creative home. We have hosted national and international masterclasses, provided short and long term term studio hire and shared a cup of tea and a biscuit with many visiting programmers, artists and funding project officers. It’s been a lot of fun.

However, this building has been identified for sale as the State Government considers building assets for potential and future sale. This building is also in need of structural repairs in order to preserve it in a fit state for habitation.

CIA studios will close on 31st December, 2016. Thank you to all of the artists who contributed so generously to the culture and collegiality of the studios and to the Department of Culture and the Arts who supported us over the 8 years!

Thank you, and lots of love from Kelli, Steve, Kate and Finn.

Sen. Scott Ludlam

Sen. Scott Ludlam at KISS club 2015. Photo by Amber Bateup


CIA studios launch 2008. Photo by pvi collective

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Industry Workshops at CIA studios

We’re really pleased to announce a series of workshops for artists through the rest of the year! Based on what you said you most wanted to do, we’ve got mouth-wateringly awesome full-day and half-day workshops ready for you to feast on.
CIA studios: keeping your inspiration and professional development tummies full in 2016.



Workshops for adults

We’re planning our workshop series for the next few months – and we’ve got so many artists we want to bring to you!

To help us make sure we’re bringing you what you want, please register your interest for the workshops that take your fancy and we’ll make it happen. (more…)